The Big Thread of Build Ideas


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Let's make a big thread of ideas for things to build in Outworlder! If you ever get stuck for inspiration, come back to this thread and find something new to build :D

I'll start off with 10 ideas, post 5 (or more) below! The weirder the better (but keep it PG-13 as per the forum rules) ;)

  • a water treatment facility
  • a secret research lab
  • a mysterious wreckage
  • an excavation site
  • a whopping great big tower
  • a bunker
  • a treehouse
  • an asylum
  • a parkour course
  • a duck sanctuary


New colonist
Soylent factory.

"This vegan pizza is made from people!"
"Wait. How is that even possible?"
"Oh! It's made from vegan...people. Now I get it."


New colonist
Communications Facility, with optional antenna towers for some platforming to reach a switch to unlock a door back down in the facility for some loot. Maybe a small puzzle involving faux circuitry or passcodes (shape based passcodes would be neat).

Crashed ships of various eras would be a nice immersive thing as well.