Technical Support Rules

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This is an area to help with technical aspects of Outworlder, such as logins, accessing the game, or getting it to run at all. This is not a place to report a bug you’re having, although there will be crossover in some of the questions people have.

Staff will try and help you with your issues here, as well as other members.

  • Please provide as much possible relevant information about your issue to help others better solve it. Try to use the “who what when where why how” philosophy of information here.
  • Try to search and see if your problem has already been addressed.
  • We can’t officially guarantee the quality or accuracy of any solutions given by non-staff users.
  • Feel free to help other users with their questions and try to offer useful information. Intentionally misleading or giving damaging advice will be frowned upon.
  • This is for legitimate questions, do not make jokes or troll posts.
Not open for further replies.