Supporting the Game?


New colonist
Hi! Just found out about this game today, and it seems really cool! Definitely a lot of features that appeal to me, haha.
Aside from pre-ordering it, are there any other ways I can support the game's development??

Lil Swamp

Colonial Security
Staff member
We have a Steam Playtest coming up that you can sign up for here on Steam -

That way you can try out the upcoming alpha version of the game and give us valuable feedback!
You can also wishlist us on Steam, and follow our accounts on Instagram and Twitter if want to keep an eye on progress. Most of our dev updates will show up on Steam.

Prepurchasing won't end up happening again until we're close to Early Access, so for now your best bet is signing up for the Steam Playtest.


Staff member
If you'd like to contribute even more, letting your friends and other gaming communities know about the game is a great way to help more people find out about us :)