Showcase Rules

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This forum is for posting information or media about a mod you’ve been working on. It’s your chance to show off your stuff and get feedback on how you improve your mods.

  • Please only make posts if you have a mod, idea, or media related to your mod to show.
  • Discuss mods and media with respect. You don’t have to like any given thread, but try and give useful feedback that a modder can improve their creation with.
  • Your mod content must follow forum rules, especially by being PG13 and non-discriminatory.
  • No mods depicting real world extremely controversial groups which have committed crimes against humanity. We also prefer that you avoid mods that are likely to spark arguments about politics, religion, or other controversial topics.
  • We do not tolerate mod theft. Using any resources without permission from the person who made it is a serious offence.
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Not open for further replies.