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Welcome to the official Outworlder forums, managed by Igloosoft staff and volunteer community leaders. Please enjoy the following rules before consuming the rest of the content available here.

  • This is a PG-13 environment. If you think what you want to say is going to cause a problem, you’re safer not saying it.
    • No adult only topics or media
    • Avoid controversial language choices
    • This applies to usernames
  • This is a supportive and accessible environment. We will not tolerate discriminatory behaviors or behavior designed to exclude any given person.
  • Do not attack other people, especially other users. When interacting with your fellow users, keep it civil and respectful. We are not the staging grounds for harassment campaigns, or doxing.
  • We do not allow controversial or inflammatory subjects. Examples include politics, religions, and crime, but may include any number of other issues people have heated arguments about.
  • Do not advertise other services or products. Please direct any marketing ideas or partnerships to our staff.
  • Do not advocate for or organize illegal activity, particularly game piracy.
  • Respect the staff and the game. Valid criticism is encouraged. We don’t appreciate harassment or dishonesty about what we’re doing.
Please refer to pinned rules posts in specific forums for rules exceptions or additions.

The moderator team reserves the right to make judgement as situations require, and you should defer to them in any given circumstance. Please contact a forum admin if you believe you’ve been treated unfairly.

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