Duplication and Exporting of buildings. (In the form of blueprints)


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Some way to duplicate buildings, then export them as a blueprint of some sort.
If playing survival, you'd purchase it from a galactic market hub of some sort, then a drop pod will deploy, containing the objects needed to make the structure, and a blueprint.
The blueprint would put a holographic grid that shows you where to place each block.
Alternatively you could just purchase a blueprint, and use your own blocks.
There could also be some way to pay people for blueprints. Whenever a player buys a blueprint, the player that created the blueprint could get 10% of the credits that they payed for the blueprint.
There could be two different ways to find them, they could either be in a list of blueprints in the terminal, or the blueprint creator could post a code on discord, which, when entered in, would provide the blueprint's page.
Each blueprint would have a page giving a short description, and an image of the completed structure (shrunken down to fit the menu), a spot that shows how much it costs, a "Go back" button, and a "Purchase" button.
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A blueprint system based off of the amount of supplies used would make sense. So let's say you used 300 pieces of steel, wood and glass to make a building. You then save the design to a blueprint and when you want to use, you'd have to have the requisite materials in your inventory.


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I think if you had all the materials in your inventory to do so, you should place it, it would ask you to confirm it, and it would autobuild.