Discord/Forums integration


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Hello Outworlders!
Today, I’d like to announce that we’ve implemented Discord integration with out forums. Here’s what that means:

Get notifications about new threads in Discord

New threads posted in the forums will send a message through the bot in their relevant channels. If this gets too annoying for certain channels we can turn it off. This will also help us with posting announcements and dev updates to Discord.

Get notified on Discord when someone replies to a watched thread

When you set a thread to watched in the forums, the bot will notify you if your thread receives a reply. To use this feature, link your account to discord in your user preferences under connected accounts. If you are a backer, this will sync your backer role on Discord and the Forums.


Use Discord to log in!
Finally, you’ll now be able to log in with your Discord, Facebook, and Google accounts on the Forums.
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