Dev Update 6-6-20


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Welcome colonists, to your dev update for June 6, 2020.

We’re delving into NPCs hard to get the colonies up and running.

Please enjoy our updates from the last two weeks.


Tired of being forced to walk up stairs? Now you can go through them.

Even better, NPCs will use them appropriately. No longer will you accidentally trap NPCs or rooms behind a staircase.


You wanna talk, and they’ve got something to say. Check out this new look for how NPC menus will function, as we get closer to our final design.

NPC menu example.gif
npc menu gif.gif


Following off last update, we’d like to show off a double shotgun this time.


We’ve got another exploration track to relax to.
Extra Changes

-We’ve been working out the concepts on how we want NPC skills to work. Feel free to post some ideas or suggestions over in our forum.

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New colonist
Wow! I really love where you guys are going with the menu design! The stair logic looks easy to understand and intuitive too: this music is also a jam! Now I'm listening to all the other music on sound cloud now: from what I can see, the atmosphere of this game is going to be delightful. Thank you guys for the great dev update! (Snow exploration concept is so good!) LONG LIVE JOHN MCSPACEGUY


New colonist
The momentum on the stairs seems a little janky, but it's a good start. The music is fairly generic and not really in a good way. I may need to hear more of a score to really comment if it fits well.