Dev Update 2-27-21


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Welcome colonists, to your dev update for February 27, 2021. We’d like to give a serious shoutout to our internal testing help. They’ve been huge for finding us bugs or little improvements to the game before we release it.


We’ve made significant changes as a result of testing feedback.

-Custom NPCs enabled.
-NPC spawn-sets for professions / factions enabled.
-Critter (small, minor life forms) AI changes will make adding them easier for dev and modding.
-NPC health bar only shows if below full health now, to reduce data fatigue.
-NPC names are consistently shown now. This also applies to other player characters, so you’ll remember who you’re playing with.
-Colony/Squad UI offers basic information about each NPC, and holds commands for each NPC. This is an early state and heavily subject to change, but will be a general way to handle NPC management.
-NPCs can get across gaps, giving them a better chance to keep up with you.

-New NPC talking system. We’ve moved the chat out of isolated boxes and into the playing field, so NPC windows will entirely be for options related to the NPC.


Pickup notifications will make it more obvious what you’re doing and how much you’ve obtained


To research, you must adventure. We’ll be modeling research on finding new resources, and having an appropriate colonist study ways to use it. This is not final, and we envision many changes based on feedback from players.

New Music

You may have noticed glimpses of it in the videos of this vlog. We’re redesigning and adding new music, while also changing how we transition and manipulate it during gameplay. Stay tuned for more to hear

Extra changes

-Minor UI fixes
-Starting weapons added

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