Build Contest Ideas!


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Help me think of ideas for future build contests to run. Especially once the alpha is out, I want to start challenging people to coming up with interesting and fun creations.

If we end up using your idea, you'll be credited during the competition, and you might even be able to guest judge 👀
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What about an animal shrine build contest??


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If you really want me to build a bigger duck shrine.... :ROFLMAO:

Ok for real though I'd love to see (and take part in) some challenges along the lines of:
  • natural landmark
  • military base
  • cosy place
  • evil building/lair
  • "the experiment"
  • meme build?


One thing I think that gets usually reduced to utilitarian look is the elevator/hellevator. it would be interesting to see ways people could spruce up or fancy up the tunnels that so many people build for travel purposes.
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How about a maze contest? Each maze could be rated on difficulty, artistry, and originality.


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ruins. make somthing and turn it into a ruin. bonus points if the way it was ruined did somthing like spread or halfway burry it. to show that it was ruined long ago. or what about something crash landed onto the planet. non faction marauder base? planet to space morter?