Block/material suggestions


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I figure a lot of people have ideas on new blocks and materials they'd like to see, so go ahead and put them all here!


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More glowy/light emitting blocks would be great. I'd also love slippery blocks that force you to slide if you step on them.


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Anti-gravity panels which would allow player characters and NPCs to run on walls and ceilings. The directions could be kept the same with left for left, right for right, and so on. Weapons fire in the direction of the cursor so using them wouldn't be affected but it would open up some more interesting gameplay situations. Like dodging projectiles or falling objects while running up a wall.


You know how in metroid there are certain block that reveal themselves or fall away when a certain weapon/action is used on them? could that be possible?

As for materials, given that prothestics and robot arms are a thing, cermets and alloys can have some applications. And space manufacturing could allow the player to use their ship to make certain materials/items that can't be made in the planet atmosphere...


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Various degrees of thick networking wires. And pipes. Vents. Panels. All as various block types.

I second the Metroid style blocks that require specific weapon genres to activate/deactivate. Particularly so if a mechanic is introduced that would auto-heal those blocks.